Custom Sizing

Custom Sizing

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Not everyone is a standard size (heck i'm not even a standard size within my own size chart) and my main aim is for you to be comfortable AND CONFIDENT in your clothes. 

Need length added, a smaller top half and bigger bottom half, the other way around or any combination thereof. I can absolutely do that for you. 

Each piece can have this listing added to it to have your clothes made to fit your body (rather than trying to make your body fit the clothes). The best bit you only have to purchase this once per item of clothing and that pattern is kept for life (unless you change size and then you'll need to purchase again). 


A Little More Detail  

1. Add this listing to your cart for each TYPE of clothing that you would like customised. i.e. add 2 to cart to have a dress and tights customise sized.

2. Add the items and qty to cart that you need to include in your wardrobe.

3. Email me at with your order number and I will send you back the list of measurements required and a how to measure guide. 

4. Your item will be custom sized just for you! 

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